Proton's GenX Line of Liquid Chemistry Reagents:

  • GenX is next generation technology that allows Proton to offer Liquid Stable Mono Reagents and Bi Reagents which demonstrate superior performance, stability, reliability and convenience compared to other products currently available in the market.
  • GenX technology incorporates a minimum of 6 stabilizers in Mono and Bi Reagents that not only stabilize the sensitive enzymes and substrates but also maintain the reagent integrity in terms of stable blanks, factors, onboard stability, high linearity recovery and achievement of assigned values for assayed control values throughout the shelf life
  • GenX Technology involves the use of synthetic analogs of the cofactors such as NAD, NADP and NADH to replace their native forms in a variety of diagnostic reagents like CK-NAC, CK-MB, CO , Ammonia, Urea, ALT, 2 AST, LDH. The synthetic analogs are nearly identical in structure to their natural cofactors, with some small changes. These changes provide a key difference, as they render the reagents to be more stable.
  • Proton's wide range of Clinical Chemistry Reagents are configured for multipurpose use on semi and fully auto analyzer platforms and the reagents are supported by application sheets for many well known analyzers.
  • Proton's reagents are of highest quality, produced to international standards and cover many different echniquesincluding Colorimetric, Kinetic, Fixed Time, Turbidimetric methods.
  • In addition, Proton has developed many of the niche products which can set benchmarks with proven reliability.
  • Proton's complete Clinical Chemistry portfolio covers over 70 parameters including reagents for a wide range ofroutine chemistries as well as special chemistries